Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting America's Best Dance Crew Tickets

    So yesterday my sister told me if i could find tickets to America's Best Dance Crew, she would fly us to California and we'd go together and stay a weekend or so. So me, whos always wanted to go to CA, jumped online to and checked it out. I didn't expect what i was about to find out. 
     Believe it or not, tickets to be on the show are free. Don't get excited, because there are major draw backs. The biggest one is that you don't just "get tickets", you "request them". The information below says that you may or may NOT get the tickets you requested, and if you DO get them, you get an email within the WEEK of the day your supposed to be there. Now how are you supposed to schedule a flight and a hotel with that kind notice? There are other problems too, like the fact that don't let you request more than 3 tickets at once, and the worst part is to come. Get this, as if i wasn't already turned off by the way they work the tickets, below there was a section that you had to fill out called "Casting Call". I figured it was for the people in the crews that actually want to get on the show, but no. They want everyone who is sitting in the audience to look right! Seriously, you had to give them your ethnicity, hair and eye color, your height, your gender, and your weight along with your request. Now, you know that means they're looking through them and seeing who sounds like they fill the criteria to have their faces on camera! The absolute WORST part was the options they gave for what "body type" you were. I swear to god, the options were :
More to Love
Body Builder
Little Extra
  That took the cake. As much as i love the show, it totally discouraged me from wanting to go, and i didn't even bother filling out the request. How messed up is that?!?! I won't stop watching the show from home, but i don't think i'll be going to see it live if they want you to look small and pretty. No thanks Mtv, it was worth a try i guess. 


p.s, if you don't believe me, click here for the link to that request page. Scroll down.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Today's Thoughts

-So You Think You Can Dance is not even in the same category as American Idol, which is the most annoying show i've ever had to grit my teeth and watch. 
-Phillip Chbeeb is my hero, and one of the best dancers i've ever had the pleasure of watching. He's my new love. :D Click here and you'll understand a bit more. 
-Michael Jackson is a legend, and its so surreal he's gone. 
-I seem to be the only one who thinks that transformers 2 was really really good. Not as good as the first though. Nothing can compare to that level of awesome. 
-Movies i can't wait for : Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (read all the books, WHOS with me?! lol), New Moon (Twilight), And Step Up 3D. 
-After considering it for a few months, a dance movie in 3D is not nearly as cheesy as it first sounded. Head spins and air flares in 3D?!? Awwwwwwww yea.
-It doesn't really matter if step up 3 is 3d or not, if adam sevani AND twitch (so you think you can dance last season) are gonna be in it, you know i'll be there opening night. 
-I HATE mosquito bites. Who gave them the permission anyway?

Those are my random thoughts for the day. I hope you enjoyed :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Graduation, Jacob Black's Injury-Inflicting Deliciousness, and Epic-ly Sprained ankles..

This is gonna be short because i dont feel like typing, but i figured i'd tell you that im graduating in 2 days, and my dance is tomorrow. Oh..and i sprained my ankle. Badly. Well thank god for my wolf-ie healing powers, because it happened yesterday, and today i can move my foot in a full circle and it doesn't hurt :DDDD I'd post a picture, but its pretty gruesome. Oh, and i blame it on Jacob Black. Why? Because i was at my friend's huge graduation party, and she put on Twilight on mute in the background. Me, being a huge nerd whose read all the books and seen the movie literally over 10 times, freaked out when Jacob came on screen like i always do..only this time when i jumped up in exuberance, i landed wrong. 

oh, and i think its cruel that we had to wear our graduation gowns and caps for a school liturgy. Is it me or is that a big tease or what?! It like "Please stand graduates. Oh yea...and your not graduating for......about a week so don't get too excited." lol, Punk. whatever, im leaving that school now! WOOT! 

I'm gonna be sssoo nervous in highschool, its not even funny. Totally gonna walk in with tapped glasses, a plaid jacket (complete with a gigantic backpacK!), and like a batman comic book like "What up my brethren?" lol, 

so basically, my post is summed up with the following grammatically incorrect run on sentence: 
I have mixed feelings on graduating, gonna be a nerd in high school the moment i walk in, and jacob black unintentionally inflicts ankle injuries to the unexpecting victim...

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